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Apartments , Condos, Houses .
*Carpets : Clean , Replace
*Paint : Patch , Texture , Paint
*Tile : Patch , Set , ReGrout 
*FIXALL : Cabinets , Hinges , Knobs,
Mirrors , Glass , Fixtures and More 
*Appliances : Replace , Repair 

Flip Your Apartment or Condo Quick and Prepare for the next Tenant . Our one call service takes care of it all .

Mold and Mildew :

Eliminate mold and mildew found in moisture areas such as bathroom floors and kitchen counter tops. assure your new tenant of a healthy living environment .

Carpets and Hardwood Floors :

We clean or replace flooring for a fresh new look .

Grout and Caulking :

Complete ReGrout and Caulking provides a waterproof seal to showers and counter tops. 

Turn Your RENTAL QUICK !!  Make ONE CALL and FIXALL !!  Located on the Peninsula !         (650) 520-9699

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